How to Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows!!!

How to Install ADB on Windows

This post is about the ADB and fastboot drivers and how to Install ADB on Windows. ADB, Android Debug Bridge, is a command-line utility which helps you to run the ADB and fastboot commands on your android devices.

In a simple way, we can say that ADB and FASBTOOT are the tools which allow you send terminal commands to your phone from your computer via USB. They both serve different functions, but they are must for the Android Phone users.

Suppose you want to customize your Android Devices

  1. Install TWRP on the phone, Root the Android Phone to make changes in the system or Install Custom ROM on your Stock Android phone.
  2. Then you need to run some ADB and Fastboot commands. At that time you need these ADB and fastboot drivers on your Windows.

There are so may tutorial are available on the internet to install the ADB setup files, but sometime they will not work or outdated. So here we are providing you the latest ADB drivers and that is direct from the Google Servers. Which means these ADB drivers are updated and work on any System and Android Devices. All you have to follow the below mention tutorial to setups the ADB and fastboot drivers on Windows.

So let’s get started and install ADB on your desktop.


Guide To Install ADB and Fastboot


NOTE:- Install ADB on Your Desktop is a half process to complete the whole ADB setup you need to make some changes on your smartphone or tablet to accept the ADB commands.


Allows USB debugging On Android Devices

  1. Open the “Setting” on your device.
  2. Click “About Phone” option.(this is hidden behind the “System” option in Google’s latest Android Oreo version).
  3. Tap the “Build Number” 7 times to enable Developer Mode. And you will see a popup message on your screen “You are now a developer”.


  1. Now go back to the “Settings” and you should see a new “Developer Options” menu.
  2. Scroll down to “USB debugging” and turn the toggle on. This will enable the USB debugging On Android.



Now all you have to setup the ADB files on your desktop. Follow the rest of the instructions for your particular operating system.

Install ADB on Windows Desktop

  1. Visit this Google page to Download the ADB ZIP file for Windows.
  2. Unzip the folder on your Windows C Drive. (C:\platform-tools).



  1. Open the ADB Platform-Tools folder. Next, open a terminal window in the folder where you have ADB and fastboot installed. On Windows, you can right-click and click open command window here.(Some Windows 10 users may see “PowerShell” instead of “command prompt”.)



  1. Now connect your phone to the Windows PC with the USB cable.
  2. Now enter the following command in the command prompt window to check the connection between PC and Phone.

     6.Type “adb devices” in  cmd page

Your device’s serial number should appear in the command window.


7.Also on your phone’s screen, you should see a popup screen to allow or deny USB Debugging access. Grant USB Debugging access when prompted (and tap the always allow check box if you never want to see that prompt again).



That’s it! Now you can now run any ADB command on your device form your Windows PC.

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